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HMS Polychrest

Experimental Ships

Experimental Ships
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Welcome aboard the HMS Polychrest. We are a community for "experimental ships", or pairings, in Age of Sail fandoms. (The HMS Polychrest was an experimental sloop in Patrick O'Brian's novel Post Captain.)

  • Crack is love. So are more canon-supported pairings like, say, Kydd/Renzi, but they're not what this comm is for. Be original. Keep it strange. (Crossovers, slash, het and polyamory are all fine, for the record.)
  • Run everything through a spelling/grammar check before you post it, or get a beta reader.
  • No introduction or advertising posts. All posts should contain fic or other things relevant to the community.

    Posting is moderated. Your posts should be up within a day or two unless the maintainer is on vacation or really busy.

    captains_jack: Aubrey, Sparrow, Absolute, and Harkness.
    mandc_rarepairs: Anything except Aubrey/Maturin, i.e. Maturin/Dillon, Wray/Ledward, and other lovely pairings.